Pet Care Attendants work in a professional manner to care for dogs and cats while working with their owners to ensure a great customer experience.  Pet care attendants generally start at $10 per hour and have the opportunity to advance farther depending on length of service, level of responsibility, and overall job performance.

Groomers strive to exceed customer expectations as they cut hair, trim nails, bathe dogs, and give loving attention to the pets in our care.

Qualities They Must Possess

  • able to groom at least 4 dogs per day
  • able to groom dogs unattended from start to finish
  • professional appearance and demeanor

Compensation and Benefits

  • freedom to set their own schedule
  • 50 – 60% compensation (depending on skill level and experience
  • Paid and treated as employee (not a contractor)
  • Pawville covers cost of shampoos and equipment (except clippers/scissors)