Welcome to Citrus Pawville!  Since opening in 2007, we’ve grown to become the premier pet facility in Citrus County, FL.  Citrus Pawville features romping daycare playrooms, a posh pet spa, cozy cat boarding condos, a boutique, and spacious dog boarding townhomes that feature private yards for each pup accessible through a doggy door.  Most importantly, we have a team of professional and attentive staff who have crazy amounts of passion for the animals in our care.  It’s really something you have to experience to appreciate.  Stop by to meet us and take a tour anytime!

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Our Story

The Pawville story began in 2006 when Phil and Amanda Miller found a 5,000 sq ft pet store in Citrus County, FL and invested their savings and sweat equity to purchase and convert it into a pet boarding and grooming facility named Citrus Pet Resort. From the start, they chose to focus heavily on the customer experience. This meant 1) investing heavily to train and retain high quality staff and 2) re-invest in their facility. This twin approach resulted in a satisfied and growing customer base which formed Citrus Pawville into the beautiful facility it is today.

The Company opened Surf City Pet Lodge in 2012. This facility followed a similar trajectory as the FL location to become the most popular pet services facility in the Topsail, NC region. An addition was added to the building to increase the size of the facility from 2,000 sq ft to 4,700 sq ft.

In 2015, Phil and Amanda executed on a vision for a new brand that could use a pet village theme to craft the ultimate pet services consumer experience… and Pawville was born.

In the same year, the Company added its third location in Jacksonville, NC named Jacksonville Pawville.  Soon after, Surf City Pet Lodge was re-named Surf City Pawville.

The Company remains laser-focused on the quality of the customer experience and continues to evolve and grow the business when it improves the quality of the customer experience.

Our Staff



Chrissy thrives at Citrus Pawville as it gives her the opportunity to do something that she truly loves.  She loves collaborating with other members of the team and she finds it rewarding to work with animals every day.  Chrissy is the talented lady behind many of the fantastic pictures of our pets that appear on Facebook and report cards. She's fortunate to have two insanely cute Australian Shepherds, named Rebel and Sharkey, who want everyone to know that they're happy to share their mama with the pets at Citrus Pawville.

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Lindsey, a former vet tech, was quickly promoted to shift supervisor due to the quality of care she provided to our clients and their pets.  She's an animal lover to her core who loves establishing personal bonds with our dogs and cats.  Her favorite part of the job is "winning over" new pets who come to Citrus Pawville for the first time. She's the proud mama of a blue pit named Anna, a blue/brindle pit named Zola, and two chiweenies named Bella and Vada.

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Stephanie is a wonderful leader for our team of animal-lovers who is always there to make sure our high standards are met, our pups get lots of attention, and our cats get plenty of hugs.  She's incredibly attentive to the little details that help ensure each pet has a positive experience at Pawville. She's the proud owner of a pitt/bulldog mix named Rosie that comes with an interesting story.  Rosie was being fostered by a local rescue group at Citrus Pawville.  She initially took her home for mother's day (Rosie is a mother) to spoil her on her special day.  The rest, as they say, was history as Rosie quickly worked her way into Stephanie's heart and home.

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